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Did you know that a home’s energy efficiency can be as low as 30%? We offer many products to help make sure your house operates at its peak. Contact us today, and we’ll conduct an audit of all systems in order for our team members  to share best practices tailored just for YOU!

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Our Products

At America Energy Solution we’re focused on creating products that not only work well, but last a lifetime. Whether you’re insulating your attic or need to save on home energy costs America Energy Solution is here to help you save on energy costs and get the job done right.

attic insulation

Blown In Insulation

Our blown in insulation services are a great solution to add an additional layer of insulation into your attic space. It is typically made of fiberglass and other thick materials to help insulate efficiently. It can also be blown into small or tight areas to get a full coverage. This insulation helps to temperature control the attic space and in turn, help control the overall temperature of your home. Request a quote from us below! 


Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant barrier insulation a.k.a. reflective insulation efficiently helps control temperature similar to standard insulation. The difference is in the materials as it instead reflects heat to its source. Your attic will stay much cooler reducing your air conditioning costs by 10% or more. The radiant barrier insulation can also help save on heating costs. Click below to get started with a quote or learn more about it!

solar attic fan

Solar Attic fans

Richmond, VA, homes that get too hot in the summer can use devices like a solar-powered attic fan to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. A solar attic fan offers the most natural, cost-effective solution for homeowners to achieve such a feat. It can lower temperatures by up to 40°F and keep the attic dry, therefore reducing HVAC use, lowering energy bills, and preventing mold and mildew formation. Contact us to request a free quote.


Air Quality Machine

Bad air can trigger a range of symptoms, from a full-blown asthma attack to sore throat to coughing. For those who want to achieve unmatched freshness at home, we recommend using our Air Quality Machine – an automated device safe for pets and kids. It’s an eco-friendly solution for  reducing allergens, and diminishing bad odors. Finally, attic cleaning and sanitizing is now a convenient undertaking.

led lightbulbs

LED Lightbulbs

Light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs illuminate surroundings more efficiently than incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen lights. These products offer a longer lifespan, improved eco-friendliness, and zero ultraviolet emissions, making them a more popular choice over other bulbs. Unlike their counterparts, these products don’t burn out or fail quickly. Combined with LED’s epoxy lenses, this feature minimizes the risk of failure. 

attic stairs insulation cover

Stairwell Attic Insulators

When it comes to energy loss, an unsealed attic door is the equivalent of an open window. Apart from affecting your home’s temperature, it attracts drafts, dust, small animals, and other unwelcome elements. Stairway attic insulators provide Richmond, VA, homeowners with a fast, affordable, and durable solution to this problem. They use thermal materials to seal air gaps, leading to lower energy bills and cleaner indoor air.

water heater wrap

Hot Water Heater Wraps

Traditional water tanks store up to 60 gallons of water, heating and reheating it as needed. This process uses excessive energy, leading to high electric bills. If you use this system, water heater wraps can help boost your tank’s efficiency and save you money in the long run. Choose water heater wraps that can maintain desired temperatures while fighting off the elements. Request a quote and free energy audit below.


Attic fresh

Poorly insulated homes attract drafts, mold, rodents, and all sorts of dreadful things. Worst of all, even after fixing insulation concerns, attics can retain the nasty smells. Fortunately, Attic Fresh provides homeowners with an air purifier that liquefies organic waste and eliminates odors. It’s a non-toxic solution that serves as an effective attic disinfectant. Keep your home clean and delightful with Attic Fresh.

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How to Start Saving Energy and Money With A Solar Attic Fan

If your home gets uncomfortably hot in the summer, your property is likely insufficiently insulated. An apparatus like a solar attic fan can help you manage the heat better.

A solar attic fan uses the sun’s energy to power a device that reduces the temperature in the attic and other enclosed spaces by up to 40°F. It offers a natural, cost-effective way to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Because it relies on the sun for power, it costs zero dollars to run. It also reduces HVAC use and leads to massive energy bill savings. It’s time to invest in a high-quality solar attic fan to save energy and money.

solar attic fans
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