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What is a Stairwell Attic Insulator?

Have you noticed how your upstairs area gets too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? This is because the insulation in your attic is not thick and efficient enough.

You’re not alone. A survey on U.S. homes reveals 90% of properties don’t get enough insulation. In most cases, the attic is the culprit behind the heat loss. An unsealed attic door can do as much harm as an open window and attracts drafts, dust, insects, mold, and mildew inside the home.

A stairway attic insulator offers a quick, affordable, and long-lasting solution to this problem by using a thermal material to seal air gaps at the entrance to the attic. This energy-efficient tool keeps heated or cooled air in place and keeps unwanted elements out.

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Benefits of Stairwell Attic Insulators

Traditional attic doors have no insulation and no sealing capacity.  On average, homeowners who invest in proper insulation can enjoy energy cost savings of 11% and up to 15% savings on heating and cooling expenses. To date, we’ve helped over 2,000 property owners save as much as 27% on energy costs through various energy-efficient products. By installing an attic stairway insulator you can enjoy the below benefits:

Save Money improve efficiency

Stairway Insulators seal the leaking attic door to improve home efficiency.

reflect heat and cold away

Attic ladder insulators reflect heat and cold away from the attic door.

insects & rodents

Keep insects and/or rodents from entering the home with attic insulation in Richmond, VA.


With stairway attic insulators, you can enjoy the ideal room temperature inside your home.


With stairway attic insulators, you can seal allergens and dust from your home.

operating cost

Attic stairway insulators cost $0 to operate, saving you on energy costs.

maximize HVAC performance

Stop air leaking from your attic to maximize your HVAC performance.

Start Saving With attic insulation today

Insulating your attic might not always be on your home improvement list, but it should be. It does so much more for your home than storing the items you don’t use. The goal of your attic is to protect you from external factors such as cold, heat, humidity, and animals.

A properly insulated attic lowers electric bills, protects a home’s structure, improves air quality, enhances comfort, and slows down HVAC wear and tear. Apart from being a quick and affordable fix, a stairwell attic insulation company can prevent costly damage to any property.

If you want to keep yourself and your family happy, safe, and comfortable while saving money at the same time, it’s time to look for a stairwell attic insulation contractor who can help you achieve your home goals.

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